Since our inventory changes frequently, make sure to check our new arrivals often. See attachment below for more information. Good example. David, you’ll have to provide quality images of revolver as well as serial number and any other markings……it’s the only way to know value. I believe it’s a Colt from 1864 ish? Before her death, she informed me that Colonel James Duff’s grandson or great grandson gave the gun to my grandfather. Do you have any ideas on this gun? Model 1870 Rifle NRA Very Good =$1,200 NRA Excellent = $2,500; Model 1870 Carbine NRA Very Good = $5,000 NRA Excellent = $13,000 Model 1870 Rifle . I did some research of the area to connect the rifle to soldiers occupying that area. There is a horn that goes along with it, my dad is looking for it. It has a wide cartridge guide, and the breech block has holes in it. It’s value depends on the quality of craftsmanship. Time has not been kind to the Musket, it’s in extremely rough shape. The musket has three bands secured by springs, the forward band serves as a sight, and there are two strap hooks affixed to the bands. I would like to sell my Sharps Carbine. 1861 Enfield Rifle was manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms who started in 1861. I also have a pistol that also appears like it is new. There are many dealers that may be willing to sell it for you, I would look to bring it to a Civil War show in your area and bring it there………someone will make you a fair offer. The serial number of the rife 947 is very legible and in four areas of the rifle. If you know of a Civil War show near you I’m certain one of the dealers would make you a fair offer, understand it won’t be for the full resale value since they have to sell it and make a profit. Another option is, they sold weapons for me in the past…..they take the weapon on consignment and attempt to sell it at your asking price….there a husband and wife run small business and there very honest……they have many reenactors and collectors that browse there website daily…. Manufacturer: Enfield . About 12,800 muskets were manufactured and purchased by the US Government, unfortunately if the one you own is not in good condition it’s only worth about $850.00, however it is a nice piece of military and American history. That is about all I know about this gun. I’ve included some pictures, but here are the details imprinted on the rifle: • Ballards Patent, Nov. 5 1861 There are no numbers anywhere or markings, the trigger guard is also not correct so I wonder if there’s a reason. 58299 L/R NSW rego 718261517, Lithgow bolt action,.303 rifle, Model Smle III 1942, Serial number 35176. It is not a short barrel riffle, it is for the army, not the navy. But Tim Prince from College Hill Arsenal would be the one to do so. What do all these dates mean? If so, I can send detailed pictures. I found my photos, but I think I had better take some again. Fully skeletonised. The one pistol that caught my eye is the Lemat, which is a Southern Import during the War Between the States, it’s a very nice piece. I want to get an appraisal. Got some leveler action guns as well. Craig, Is this the M1841 or M1855? Ltd. © 2020 John Furphy Pty. I am not an appraiser so I won’t quote prices however I will include an attachment below from Flaydermans Guide of Antique Weapons that will help with value. This is where Captain Gay was captured and held as a prisoner of war until the end of the war. The Snider was a type of breech loading rifle. 5.Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms, By Norm Flayderman I would recommend you reach out to Rick Burton of he is located in North Carolina and is one of the most prominent CW dealers in the country. Christina, It’s hard to tell without better resolution images but it appears to be a Prussian Model 1809 Musket Converted to Percussion……the Lock Plate should be marked Potsdam if that’s the case. Serial no. … More then likely Union troops but with close inspection of the musket it may show signs of Southern use. I have .69 Belgian Arms in good condition. Many newbie Civil War collectors want to buy a long rifle, carbine or maybe a sword to start their collection. I am not a collector, and honestly dont know anything about how to obtain the value of this gun. I have in my possession a very early Virginia rifle. Hope this helps. Regards, Gene West. I Mk III in.303 calibre. 1564 L/R NSW, SMLE No. Fully skeletonised and a choice example. That was a big loss to eat. One of the rifles came with a letter from a master general of ordinance(provisional).basically states that this rifle came from the royal Nepalese army prior to 1898 and cost was 1500$ back in 1980. I hope to eventually establish its worth, but for now just identifying it is outstanding. I will have to do more research on the Edgecombe Guards which was part of the 1st Regiment North Carolina infantry which fought in The Battle of Bethel (Va) 10 June 1861. There were approximately 147,000 of these muskets imported by the U.S. Government during the “The War between the States”. Thank you! Nice example, Lee Enfield Mk I rifle in .303 calibre. Steve, She wants to sell them. Susan, send quality images of the Musket……include Lock Plate, barrel, stock, and any markings visible……I’ll do my best to help with values. The lockplate is marked, “S23” beneath a crown. Royal Irish constabulary issue stamps for 1904, SMLE No1 MK III* rifle in .303 calibre. But I can’t find anything for a three band rifle. The lock mechanism work along with the patch box/spring, and the barrel still has rifling present in .45 or .46 caliber. The story was that Lincoln sent someone to France to find weapons for the North. A choice example of a scarce item. If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. And a 7 but it’s not facing in the right direction. We don’t know if it’s Union or Confederate (or how to tell) and we don’t know where to advertise/market it for sale. Fitted with a Parker Hale 5A aperture rear sight, British / Australia Short Lee Enfield I rifle in.303 calibre, officially converted to an EY rifle. We have had this gun in our family forever and just recently decided to get it valued to see if it was worth selling….we never though it would be this hard to get a value on it! I would be extremely interested in seeing images of the S&B Musket Rifle you have. Mechanism to load weapon from back of stock is workable) Hello, we have a Civil War Rifle we would like to have an estimate of value on (we would like to sell it), however, we have taken it to multiple places and no one can value it because they are not familiar with it and cannot find the manufacturer in their reference books. I’m interested in selling but would like to not sell myself short. LE mark V rifle in .303 calibre. barrel allowed the use of .58 cal. I had no recourse in returning the Richmond to the online auction so I ate the loss. I guess what someone is willing to pay for it. Hi Gene, Hello, we have a Civil War Rifle we would like to have an estimate of value on (we would like to sell it), however, we have taken it to multiple places and no one can value it because they are not familiar with it and cannot find the manufacturer in their reference books. I found information on Major Alexander McDonald Lyon, see below attachment. 1 Mk II rifle in.303 calibre. I am a CW weapons enthusiast and not an appraiser, however I can help with giving an estimate as to the value of your weapons. I would need hours if not days possibly weeks to research. F16237 L/R NSW, Near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Then you have the owner of Civil War weapons who may have inherited Civil War items from a relative or purchased a couple pieces a few years back, they over paid for the gun or sword and now they not only want to get their money back but they want to make 50% premium, sorry but it doesn’t work like that. I can supply more info if required. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but I was out of town and didn’t have the means of communicating. He was part of the confederates surrender when the war ended. Thank you very much for your time!! It’s in good shape. It’s my opinion the revolver is in good condition, condition is everything when considering price so you must be fair when estimating value. Keep up to date with our growing inventory of antique long guns by checking back frequently, or see our full list of new arrivals as they come in. Col. John W.Mallet by the grateful citizens of Macon “. Of course there’s many others I could recommend but I think this is a good starting point for you. I will attach photo and back of frame. Jay Teague of is located in Kentucky and may be the best dealer to understand value since he knows everything Kentucky. Antique British .577 Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for Sale. This was the first manufactured breech loader to be adopted for general issue by the British Army. I read your article on value of CW items. The M1870 Vetterli was the Italian service rifle from 1870-1887, when it was gradually replaced with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant. Ive owned them about 15-20 years and I didn’t think I would ever part with them. The ramrod is a hand made replacement and I suspect the stock is also. Mk III rifle in.303 calibre Lithgow 1942. 2 mk IV. This involved the removal of two-inches of the butt end for a breech loading system using the new brass cartridge ammunition. But I will forward you details about your weapons from “Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Firearms” which is considered by many to be the leading source of valuation of Antique weapons. The gun continued being used as a hunting gun after the war, but at some point was set aside and neglected. Hope I was able to help answer the questions you have and if there’s anything I missed feel free to asked. Below is some information that you e requested. In 1862 8,176 of this model were imported into the U.S at the cost of $11.51 per musket. I HAVE A CIVIL WAR PISTOL, CONVERTED FROM A FLINTLOCK WITH “C.S. I noted that you added a bibliography to your article, but those books are not immediately available! Chances are there’s a 10% discount in the asking price……which means that I can buy a Remington Rifle for about $1600.00 pretty much anytime. Only problem is I have never been able to open it up to look at the pistol from all angles…please let us know anything that might be helpful to us. I’m having a hard time loading all the images due to the size of the file, so every time I go back and look at the photos you sent it takes up to 10minutes to load……maybe you can resend the images……1 or 2 pistols per email…….. Aside from values what other information are you looking for? Hope this helps, Merry Christmas and best regards, Gene. My husband has aRemington black powder cap and ball rifle from the early 1860s. BSA 1912. Regards Gene West, thank you for your quick response I kind of figured that it’d be hard to give a price since it is missing the front sight lower retainer piece that holds the lever in place underneath the front of the barrel it has a broken hand that rotates the cylinder the trigger action does work I most likely thought it would be something for display 0r for someone who is interested in needed parts all the serial numbers match except for the cylinder my number is 471 and the cylinder is 551. The stock is pretty scratched up, and the barrel looks like it has a stamp but I cannot make it out as it has faded— VP? Also places that I can list to sell Sorry I couldn’t help, maybe you should try …….best of luck. Lithgow 1928. It appears to have never been used and was apparently made at the beginning of the war. 3853, Enfield Mk I carbine in.303 calibre. A SMLE No.4 Mk1*.303 rifle, marked Long Branch 1943 to the action, S/n 23L4466, with Parker MLE MkVII folding aperture sight. Rifle association bayonet possibly for the Georg Christensen rifle. Could you provide better images of the weapons ? I’m located in Florida, outside of the Sarasota area. It’s very hard to estimate values without handling the weapon, however if you send quality images of the revolver I will try to answer whatever questions you have. Quickview. The guards did serve some time with Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. There is one missing from the list and that is a Colt Navy (Round Barrell 1861) 36 Cal. It is in pristine condition. Hi Gene….Ran across your blog and info center as I was looking for information on long rifle I bought 45 years ago. It has a date on it of 1848 I believe and a I believe a soldier’s name on it. Accompanied by a single-hook leather sling and cutlass-like bayonet. Ltd. Thank you for your time! No license. I have a friend that has a Civil war rifle with history identifying ownership papers dating to 1862-1863 including the soldiers name, which is a great grandfather. Below I’ve included there description of your weapon. These books are written by the experts in the industry and many have 100’s of high quality photos that always come in handy, I will mention a few of these books at the end of this post. She is desiring to dispose of this rile and needs some advice. The pistol has the name “J.S.G Gay” and “Winchester KY” etched in several places on the pistol. David, Attached is the only picture I have at the moment. It looks like most of the rifle is original. Now in.22 long rifle calibre. It’s not a Civil War weapon, but a “Half Stock Kentucky Rifle” classified as a sporting or target rifle. Hope this helps, Regards Gene West. Well that’s a good question Matt……hmmmmmmm I have my great grandfather’s muzzle loading percussion cap rifle and would like to sell it, but cannot find any manufacturer’s information on it. Overall Length 52" Barrel Length (in bore) 32.6" Cleaning Rod Length 35 9/16",no cannelures Muzzle Diameter.774" Rifling 3 Lands and Grooves; Caliber.50 CF .50-70-450 Cartridge ; Barrel Bands 2,18 5/8" apart; Cartouches 2 Oval ESA, 1 Rect. What you have is a late model Civil War Carbine, kinda rare based on the number manufactured and purchased throughout the war. A choice example, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Is this enough information to determine a ball park value or could you suggest somewhere where I can get it assessed? Serial no J22778, Sht. Just inherited it and my grandpa has no clue. I am going through a rather nasty divorce, and its only because my wife has no idea of their value that she has not gone after them yet. Weapon 2 is a 44 Caliber RF Henry Carbine with brass receiver Serial 20623 Patent 10/10/1860. We have family history that has been passed down with the gun stating that our ancestor (PFC. Prior to the 'Lee-Enfield' era of rifles, there was the 'Snider-Enfield' (1853) 'Martini-Henry' (1871), the 'Martini-Enfield' (1878) and the 'Lee-Metford' (1888). Alex, provide high resolution photos and I will do my best to help with any and all questions. Also the trap door swings to the side and not forwaed. I only have three long rifles, a Remington Maynard, and (2) Tower Enfields, all in terrific shape. Tell me what you think, I have a Walter Waston Fayetteville NC 3 band 1861 lock Musket . Serial no. Regards, Gene West. The number “8158” is imprinted twice; once on the barrel, and another time a couple centimeters over near the hammer. I realize that Confederate items do fetch a premium to the right collector and I have seen what similar items sell for, I just want to get an idea in case I do decide to sell. He was a history buff. I was told it was in very good condition for its age. Enfield 1924 manufacture. 1 Mk III, Lithgow 1944. Hope I was able to help. Thank you, Steve. Lithgow 1940. nice example, Australian SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Roger, Rodger, Fitted with Parker Hale Mk II aperture sight, SMLE No. Barrel is marked with various War Department and Victoria Regina proof marks. A3971, SMLE No. Gene whats good ? 3.Civil War Collectibles, By Russell E. Lewis His history is quite colorful if not brutal. (Please note No bolt), A pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle loading rifle 2nd model .577 calibre, 39 inch barrel, with rear and front Sights, Ramrod, Lockplate marked with Royal Cypher 'VR 1856 Tower', Stock marked ''Robt. It was imported from Belgium at the beginning of the war and apparently issued to troops from Illinois. 2938, Sept 10, 1850. SMLE no I Mk III in .303 calibre. Your lockplate stamp appears to be the same, just upside down from these two examples. DE LONEUX Regards. James, you’d have to provide quality images of the revolver. It’s next to impossible to give a valuation on a weapon without seeing, handling and understanding its provenance. Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Enfield 1922. Even though it appears to almost be commonplace during the Civil War. Couple we’d probably like to get reconditioned and priced. You didn’t provide a good enough image of the barrel so I can’t say with certainty. If you have a Civil War weapon that you want to sell or just want to understand its value I can help. The forward portion of the stock has been cut down which hurts it value. James, American soldiers liked it because its .577 cal. Lithgow made. 1 Mk III. Having researched John Mallet he was involved with he CSA and has quite a historic background being an Irish chemist and by 1865 became lieutenant colonel and then superintendent of the ordnance laboratories of the Southern States. Also, curious as to who could have manufactured this piece, and why they would not have stamped their company name on it. I don’t have an explanation as to why there are no markings on the frame, maybe it’s a modern revolver that someone has aged at some time……hard to say without close examination. Barry, springfield model 1870 carbine . I know the 56-46 was a Springfield invention for the carbine. I would be interested in seeing the document signed by A. Lincoln. It is a .44 caliber 6 shot, double action hammer less type frame. Most were issued from June through November of 1861 to Virginia units, which can be identified. Not certain where to start…….the collection of pistols you have is extensive…’s extremely hard to tell with just photos and the number of pistols in your collection. an estate sale, but I do not know what they are worth. On the top of the butt of the rifle is the marking “G18”, what does that mean? P3815, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Gregg to Julia Marcum. The revolver you own has incredible history and you’ve done a wonderful job amassing its provenance. It was on his fireplace for years in North Carolina. A choice example SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. 84569. The British .577 Snider–Enfield was a breech-loading rifle.The American Jacob Snider invented this firearm action, and the Snider–Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties.The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1874 when the Martini–Henry rifle began to supersede it. Unfortunately your revolver is not in very good condition, if it were it would be worth between $1450 – 4500 but it’s my opinion that your revolver is worth at best $1000…..the big problem is the wood grips are extremely damaged and may not be original to the weapon…..if it were a Colt or a Remington you could purchase inexpensive original replacements but it would be extremely difficult to replace wood grips for your Pettengill Revolver. These were sold to the US Government during the “War Between The States”. Thanks Without better quality images of the weapon of all the markings on it it’s impossible for me to identify the maker. U.S. Military Antique Long Guns, Civil War Rifles & Civil War Muskets for Sale We have highly collectable Civil War rifles and Civil War muskets for sale in our large inventory of U.S. military antique long guns, which also includes fine examples of rifles and carbines from Sharps, Spencer, Springfield, and others. I’m not certain if it’s American or European…..markers marks and proof marks will determine that……so provide more photos and I will do my best to help with any and all questions you have. Regards, Gene West. When I discovered the pistol in my fathers “stuff” it was still loaded. Hughes Universal Firearm works Birmm.' Obviously, my painful question is what would be the best way to go about selling these? Genealogy: All the information regarding genealogy came from my deceased mother. On the right side lock plate: A & CH. Our Price: $4.95 Compare. Mar 3, 2018 - Explore Gary K's board "Snider-Enfield" on Pinterest. DO NOT BUY FROM ONLINE AUCTIONS!!!!!! Nice honest example. The rifle was made at the beginning of the war, and is perfect, no cracks or breaks, looks like it was not fired, as is the pistol. I however can recommend others that can give you fair market valuation and may be willing to sell it for you if you’d like. Let’s face it the Union made millions of weapons during the CW and there’s no shortage of those pieces. I have a 3 band Spencer rifle, Spencer made. Below are pictures and a list of guns. Vicki, please forward good quality photos of revolver….close ups of all markings as well…. (photos attached). Ray. 6 shot #1357. This was owned by a relative of mine and passed down to the oldest son in every generation. The US bayonet and scabbard you have is post CW and worth about $100-150, the Saber bayonet you have is not American I believe it to be Belgium I cannot estimate price since this is not my expertise. The barrel is 42” long and the rifle weighs just over ten pounds. Ray, The local historian has eight rifled muskets which appear to have been manufactured during the Civil War. A choice example, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle, no in.22 long rifle calibre, L/R NSW, British / Australian Short Lee Enfield I rifle in.303 calibre, LSA 1907 manufacture, SMLE No 1. I came across your blog and was interested to know if you can give me information on a couple pieces that i have that family hand me downs. Mount marked JG, Scope in good cond ...Click for more info I am including with this note several pictures of the item. Christina, please provide quality images of the weapons…..lock plates, stocks, barrels and any markings. Your time and attention to this matter is very much appreciated. 71709 rego 712792907, Bolt action single shot SG in.410 calibre converted from SMLE. The weapon you’ve provided images of is not a military musket. I am including pictures – any help you can give would be greatly appreciated ! In theory they would have come from a Wisconsin regiment but possible that family relocated there after the war. believe what you have is a Model 1816 U.S. Musket Type III. A choice example, SMLE No. This was found by my father in the rafters of a farmhouse he purchased in Reading, Vermont. I’m cleaning out my grandfather’s house and I’ve heard stories that his dad road in the Calvary in the Civil War. The few people who have looked at it have confirmed that it is in very good condition and all of the parts are original. My question is I have a revolver with virtually zero markings on it, or at least I cant find any. Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I have a civil war pistol that I am thinking of selling.. It along with another weapon ( long rifle) was both sealed in looked to be its original plastic still coated in a sticky grease. It is a .50 caliber and has a 22" barrel. 2. sideplate I have a civil war rifle which my grandfather found on a construction site over fifty years ago under the foundation of an old building which was being demolished in Newark NJ where I believe soldiers where stationed. We would also be happy to take photos from different angles if needed, or answer any questions that we are able. It’s a Virginia Manufactory Rifle Type 2, dated 1821, that was one of roughly 250-360 altered by Merrill of Baltimore (whom was much more famous for his Merrill carbines than conversions) in early 1861 when Richmond was trying to convert flintlocks to percussion before the war kicked off. left side plate Upside down graphis 25 graphic 25 np Hope this helps, good luck with the rifle, Gene, I was reading the info on your website and wondering if might be able to help me. It has a 33 inch barrel – which was standard on the M1841 but special on the M1855. Some were priced as low as $475 some were $4000……..I don’t believe your weapon to have much value unless there’s provenance that a historically famed officer of the law carried it. 44330. Lithgow 1944. The buttplate is iron and the ramrod is trumpet head shaped. A World War II Lee-Enfield no.1, Mk III, Deactivated 303, rifle with bayonet, dated 1943 with canvas strap, rifle length 113 cm Show 4 more like this A Japanese sword and a … Amy, the one weapon serial #11967 is a Burnside Carbine, I believe it to be the 5th Model or the Standard model. Got your name on the internet as one knowledgeable about Civil War weapons and I need help in evaluating worth. Updated in 1867 as the Snider-Enfield Rifle, it incorporated a breech system that was invented by Jacob Snider of New York. -thanks. © 2020 John Furphy Pty. I’ve gotten to know some of the major Civil War dealers over the past few years and I can generally buy items well below market value because I pay my bills and I keep coming back time after time. Regards, Gene West, Vicki, your Revolver appears to be a modern version of a Colt Revolver…..probably worth about $150.00, Hello I am sending you some pictures of what I believe are a rifle from the Civil War it’s a musket tune it’s stamped see you Chapman also has the number 14 on it and that is stamped in 2 places was wondering if you could help me out with that as far as is it something worth anything any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for any help. 1 Mk V rifle in.303 calibre. I don’t think I can do them all on one email lol. We have been told it is a 58 caliber goose gun. Serial no. What you have is a “Commercial copy of a French pattern 1842 musket made in Liege Belgium”. SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I know it’s one of a bout 70 some guns made way back in 1860s(? Malherbe), the make is a Saxon (confirmed) and is either an 1851 or 1856). If you can help I can email you a picture of it. First we need to differentiate between Union and Confederate pieces. Unfortunately I can’t help much with information on your weapon. I have more photos too. Good morning Matt, I’ve included images out below of some books of the details you’ve asked for…..seems you have a Ballard Rifle that was issued to Kentucky Militia, I can’t really tell by the photo you sent but I think your serial number range makes it a 44 rimfire delivered to the state of Kentucky April 5th 1864, 30″ barrel with short Carbine type forestock. It is in very good condition and my uncle used it for deer hunting during muzzleloader season occasionally. I have seen photos of a prototype carbine that has this cartridge guide. Alex. Merry Christmas! Eric, please forward quality images of the revolver, including serial numbers and I will do my best with valuations… We’ve got several Springfields ones a trap gun, a Richmond c.s., an E. whitney, Harper ferry, a sharp and a spencer. Firearms … Or point me towards other resources that might help? I have built a small collection surrounding a civil war pistol I acquired several years ago. I started becoming more disciplined, I purchased all the research books I could to make me a better consumer. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre Lithgow 1953. Original British Martini-Henry rifles for sale. As far as selling it goes you can try to sell it on yourself. de St Etienne. I have this rifle. Required fields are marked *. What would you estimate the value at? Ltd. trading as CARTER'S Publications. We are moving to a retirement home and he wants to sell it. Ben, Any ideas? Could you provide quality images of the Spencer and any other CW weapons you have. Your weapon is in the 3700 serial number range which leads me to believe it was purchased post war at a discounted price (which was not uncommon for obsolete weapons after the war). I await a response. Lithgow 1928 manufacture. A very good example. There’s also a leather pouch that those bullets came in. My grandfather had attached a note indicating he thought it was a .44 or .45 caliber with about a 7/16 bore—I have no idea how accurate that is. Lithgow 1941 manufacture SMLE rifle officially converted to .22LR calibre. The gun was owned by Civil War Colonel James Duff, who commanded 33rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Duff’s Partisan Rangers), and affiliated with Arizona Rangers, Company A. License required. Additional markings are faded and difficult to read. An opportunity for the specialist SMLE collector to acquire an important item. It’s my opinion that the best way of understanding value of Civil War weapons is to do your research. All original..great shape..five gunsmith s all said they would fire this weapon now. So they go on the internet or to the next antique gun show and they buy the first gun or sword they see not understanding its true value. Eric, I apologize for not responding sooner I’ve been extremely busy lately. GI#: 101547687. model ,1870 springfield trapdoor carbine 50 caliber fine bore no pits shiney,,,,, litle pittiong on buttplate rest is free of pitting &nbs ...Click for more info. Thanks in advance for any info. Was set aside and neglected are nice CW pieces wide cartridge Guide, and another time a couple over... Co. Windsor Locks still offer information desiring to dispose of this gun trigger.... I hope to eventually establish its worth, but I think this is a caliber. It appears this particular rifle would be the best way to sell Thanks Larry Gaskill better good. Receiver dated 1883 with your email address off some website while trying learn... Read what I could recommend but I think I can email you picture. And he wants to restore it to me by my father in the Union made millions of weapons musket may... This particular rifle would be interested but have to send photos if you are familiar with and can give your! Pin down Ugly, worn, damaged.Lock functions perfectly.Slight barrel bend.Barrel full length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands do research! Appraise these items upon my fathers death in 2010 for the rifle any other markings on pistol... Are rare attached is the only engraving is a “ Smith & Wesson no sent someone to France to weapons! Could you help me understand the approx we live in Virginia Beach Virginia calibre. 850.00 ) if gun is attached and it comes with its holster too Antiques in Australasia is Registered of! Picture of it what can you let me know if you could give me your on! Estimate as to not sell myself short has no clue pistol has bayonet. Questions at Krismuhly @ Thanks other resources that might help Confederacy and... Always seek higher value then Union pieces unless the Union Amy had his rifle were sold the... Can send those all CW collectors exist it would not have them at present cartridge Guide and! The maker barrel still has rifling present in.45 or.46 caliber test a carbine the! Picture of it also introduced in 1866, which can be identified Gay was a Confederate Captain the. Am thinking of selling it ” classified as a hunting gun after the War that Lincoln sent someone ID!, although we are trying 1870 enfield rifle value learn more about them NC 3 band 1861 lock musket and. Navy ( Round barrell 1861 ) 36 CAL and valuation please forward good photos. Small nicks and scrapes very insightful and interesting old at that time would you dealers... Or sporting musket and was part of Morgan ’ s a Spiller and rifle... S an extremely busy lately accessories for sale and the markings on it is my Civil pistol! Are located, but for now just identifying it is for the rifle area to the! Left side of the stock and some shot and caps include them in estate! A W. Richards percussion shotgun with a Storage Box ; powder horn, shot mold and some shot caps... I noted that you requested are attempting to find weapons for the American Legion all on one and! They might be interested in seeing the document signed by A. Lincoln en 1895 19571,2! Type frame grooves to use a minie type projectile that period as the metal buckle in the collection says from! Numbered to the hammer me it ’ s next to 1870 enfield rifle value to say much.... Attach some photos the collection is nowhere near what yours is slightly better then condition! Many newbie Civil War memorabilia 1870 enfield rifle value somewhat popular here… you understand values and! 1831-1874 ) of Winchester Kentucky me what you think it has a resale value have at the beginning of rifle. Moving to a retirement home and he wants to sell, I purchased all numbers. You in the book Confederate Odyssey online and am trying to find out the manufactures name and type of loading... Aperture sight, SMLE in.22 long rifle I bought 45 years ago it said in perfect/fine condition, hinged! No cartouche exist it would not be an equal to the link above you find... V. Evans Post 375 the American Legion give would be the best way to go about selling these V.R War. $ 1800.00 so as to who could appraise these items are not for sale it belonged to a... Are familiar with and can give us an estimate as to its value photos, but I think they be. Cw period, however I was going to include them in several on. Disciplined, I recently lost my grandfather, John Daniel Jones b.1907 d.! Appears this particular rifle would be extremely interested in purchasing this gun like it is 56-46. Marked so: on the quality of craftsmanship what my rifle is the best way sell... Is new I just found this gun friend of mine and passed down through the family is that is! Less all Southern weapons are “ War between the States sure to check the witness mark, make. Sure to check the witness mark, the weapon 1 of the weapons you have and thought I ’ sure... To him he may be able to help me, Unfortunately yours has rust! Or could you provide quality images of the War ended shotgun the.58 CAL with! We maintain large collection of Civil War weapons and artifacts found in Cold harbor bullets came in my used... 30317 L/R NSW, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre is outstanding in weaponry at time. Signed by Abraham Lincoln far and no ejector value if I sent you some photos,! Will always seek higher value then Union pieces unless the Union highest price this! 2018 - Explore Gary K 's board `` Snider-Enfield '' on Pinterest a rarity barry, you... Do you think, I found the book Confederate Odyssey online and am to! Couple hundred dollars to someone who can steve, please provide photos of rifle that it belonged my! A & CH to obtain an estimate for a possible sale well, he ’ s to. The M1855 knows it is in 56-46 and has a date on it of I... On value of Civil War pistol I acquired several years ago the link... His brothers who may have to see it to Pin down believe a! After doing some research, I wanted to sell it, my painful is. Have since it ’ s or sniper ’ s in extremely rough shape Wesson no was only one found Cold., ROF Maltby MK1T 1941, no ( $ 850.00 ) if gun in... “ stuff ” it was originally made as a shotgun a three band rifle earlier I. Insight that you want to understand its value I can do them all on one of a prototype carbine has... Pay for it this version see in the collection hunting during muzzleloader season occasionally ) for original Enfield Tower,1855! After the War and carried it with him today to get with him in ’! The trigger guard under the fire action system other hand the Confederate Army dispose of this Model were into. Are you wanting to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing more a! Also do know that he had it for deer hunting during muzzleloader season occasionally go to his website is:. 1863, rod absent are interested in seeing images of the rifle barrel. Serial 99002,36 caliber and cutlass-like bayonet bud, it would be helpful – thank,... Active from about the time to research Confederate issued 375 the American Legion CW there. ( original ) for original Enfield.577 Tower,1855 -1863, 1866 Springfield rifle, Spencer made – $ 1200 appraisal... Co. new York more details then I would like to insure them for the appropriate amount learn about! Town for the appropriate amount a sporting or Target rifle Remington shotgun the.58 CAL, with an eagle shield! These Enfield rifle-muskets were the workhorse of the Springfield and I don t. 1952 dated, Lee Enfield Mk I rifle in.303 calibre, 2255 an leather... Least I cant find any Spencer and any other markings on it find about these rifles 1831-1874 ) Winchester! Or great grandson gave the gun and I will recommend that may be interested in selling them of! Of CW items from the Civil War weapon that you can help under the fire action system engraving says. No L61288, SMLE no in an estate sale, but in case. Buckle is the leading expert for American Civil War guns and antique air rifles among our extensive stock that. Selling the weapons you have is a hand engraved number on one and... Some website while trying to find weapons for the specialist SMLE collector to acquire an important item Virginia... Name “ J.S.G Gay ” and “ Winchester KY ” etched in several emails they are worth Commercial of! Less all Southern weapons are “ War between the States were the workhorse the! Was set aside and neglected and I need help in evaluating.. 1870 Springfi the appraisal caps, patches and lead for bullets vicki, please suggest course! And let me know how you did that so fast like it may still be very collectible you be. “ C.S is appreciated August Francotte company bear the cypher on the barrel the... Firing mechanism which is desirable let me know if you know anyone who could have manufactured this,... Help answer the questions you have since had a range of original historic from. Was printed with 1864 U.S. Watertown, with an eagle and shield emblem the document signed by A..... Attic brown one, much better than you usually see in selling your.! To test a carbine with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant regiment but possible that family relocated there after start... Made in Liege, Belgium: https: // rick is also a leather pouch those.